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Windows Ars is contradicting the 60% claim made earlier today, stating: "Reportedly, the Media Center code in the OS is in shambles, and needs to be saved by the Xbox code team. Curiosity piqued, I contacted my usual sources. In short, the story is an extreme exaggeration. I suppose this much is obvious from the mere fact that what was once a late November shipping date has now moved to January 2007: would the revelation that more than half of the code is in need of repair only translate into a two month delay? Of course not. I suppose the cynic could still invest in this rumor by arguing that the delay will stretch into 2007, but that has yet to be seen, and it really amounts to FUD at this point."
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I'm in agreement here but maybe Vista will pull something out from under it's sleeves and impress us all..or it could just go like the XP Beta->Release from Good to Ugly.

I still however maintain an open mind when thinking about Vista given Microsoft's past and what they're doing now. I really can't say theres anything I find horrible about it, just some things could be implemented better.

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