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Apple "By now you have probably figured out that we aren't releasing Universal Binaries of our current application versions. If you haven't, all you need to know is pretty explicitly spelled out here [.pdf]. 'But, c'mon', I hear people saying, 'Steve said it was just a recompile!' Or, 'Back during the PowerPC transition, you guys released a patch!' Well, this time is different. And I really wish it weren't."
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by Nelson on Sat 25th Mar 2006 12:28 UTC
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I mean what do you expect, he basically slapped this universal binary bs on them I mean perhaps he could at the least provide a good development toolkit or give them forewarning a lot longer before hand.. it's stupid that some people are calling their code "Obsolete" because it won't work on two DIFFERENT architectures..a commercial IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE..funny.

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