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Fedora Core It's been about 2.5 years since the first release of Fedora Core. And boy has it come long way! The new version of Fedora Core (FC) is featuring a number of goodies and performance enhancements as we describe below (and yes, it even includes a new logo).
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My experiences with FC5
by maxx_730 on Sun 26th Mar 2006 14:35 UTC
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Fedora Core 4 was the first Linux distribution is started with. I quickly switched to Ubuntu though and have been with it since, allthough i tried practically every other distribution that came out in the last 6 months too. I installed FC5 last wednesday, and used it since. My experiences have been mostly positive. The positive things imo are:
- RAM usage. It's amazingly low. You said in your review that you had about 90 mb of RAM used after a default boot. My experiences are even better, after a default boot i have about 75 mb (!) of RAM used. This is including the RAM that the process manager program is using.
- Eye candy. The new Fedora bubbly theme looks beautiful, as does the cairo-clearlooks theme. It looks really good. Also i like the iconset, but that doesnt seem to have changed since FC4. Also the rhgb thing is beautiful. For those who dont know what it is, it is basically a X11 session which shows the boot progress. It starts immediately after udev, so you only see a few text messages.
- Boot speed. It really fast. Also with included runlevel editor app you can stop some processes you dont need from starting, which makes booting even faster.
- Installing mp3 codecs: i thought this was really easy. It was basically entering two commands which i found on the site:
rpm -ivh
yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly
- Speed of starting programs. They start really fast. I did disable SELinux though, dont know whether this matters. The only exception seems to be Firefox though, which takes really long to start. Hell, even OpenOffice starts in like
10 seconds!
- Software management. Pup and Pirut really simplified this, and both have clean and attractive interfaces.
- Sleep, suspend to RAM or whatever it's called worked out of the box for me.
- Beagle included!
There are some bad things too though, including:
- The 5 cd's arent needed. There should just be a base install and all the additional software should be in the repo's not on the cd's.
- Fedora can't seem to decide whether it wants to be a normal user desktop distro, power user desktop or server distro. This is probably why they got 5 cd's too.
- The menu's are cluttered, they should follow the new ubuntu menu´s. This depends on what they decide what kind of distro they want to be too though.
- The hard disk partitions are not included in the my computer folder, places menu and the gtk save dialog. This is very annoying for people who have their data on another partition. (Someone know a gconf-key to change to enable this?)
- My home folder, trash and computer icons rearrange themselves on every login so i have to rearrange them back every time.
- No gnometris by default ;)
The other problems eugenia had had mostly to do with peripherals i dont have so i cant comment on them. And there IS a menu editor, as someone else pointed out.
Basically, Fedora needs to decide what it wants to be. I not saying it is bad in anyway, it is actually one of the best desktop/server combination distro's, but it could be so much better if it just chose what it wanted to be. It could be a seriously ubuntu contender if it chose to be a home user desktop distro.

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