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Fedora Core It's been about 2.5 years since the first release of Fedora Core. And boy has it come long way! The new version of Fedora Core (FC) is featuring a number of goodies and performance enhancements as we describe below (and yes, it even includes a new logo).
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RE: My experiences with FC5
by Finalzone on Sun 26th Mar 2006 19:29 UTC in reply to "My experiences with FC5"
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- Speed of starting programs. They start really fast. I did disable SELinux though, dont know whether this matters.

New version of SELinux is modular and easy to understand. Ther eis policies "compatibilities" that allow to enable some plugins like Flash. My system, a Athlon XP 2500 with ASUS-AS7X8-MX motherboard and 1GB RAM didn't get performance hit with SELinux enabled. Check out more SELinux on:

Basically, Fedora needs to decide what it wants to be. I not saying it is bad in anyway, it is actually one of the best desktop/server combination distro's, but it could be so much better if it just chose what it wanted to be.

It is a general purpose OS since its existence i.e a jack trade where it is possible to customize it as desktop(like a Fedora based distos Blag, FoX Linux and Berry Linux), workstation (used by Pixar, New Zealand studio for the incoming movie Halo) and server (Wikipedia and SourceForge).

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