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Fedora Core It's been about 2.5 years since the first release of Fedora Core. And boy has it come long way! The new version of Fedora Core (FC) is featuring a number of goodies and performance enhancements as we describe below (and yes, it even includes a new logo).
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FC5 is indeed better than FC4, but...
by rklrkl on Sun 26th Mar 2006 23:59 UTC
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2005-07-06's still not quite there yet, IMHO. For instance, if you install the x86_64 version of FC5, you get 64-bit Firefox only (32-bit Firefox actually hasn't been built in the 64-bit tree of Fedora Core, so you can't just "yum install firefox.i386"), which at this moment in time means you can't run various 32-bit only plugins (e.g. Flash or Adobe Acrobat Reader) and you have to painfully manually download 32-bit Firefox and several of its 32-bit dependencies from to get 32-bit Firefox up and running on your 64-bit system.

FC5 *still* runs too many services by default that you have to chkconfig off - who needs atd for example or any of the laptop-related services on a desktop? I've also had trouble saving the position of my GNOME terminal windows (seems to revert to a single-window setup every time I log in) and even fiddling with the Sessions option off of the main menu doesn't seem to help.

Finally, Azureus barfs out a Java trackback what may be a result of an SELinux issue (I left it on "Enforcing" during install), but still seems to run...but then you can't check for updates or install any additional plugins (e.g. Speed Scheduler is crucial if your ISP has peak-time quotaing like mine does), making the shipped Azureus not much use to me and I suspect many others - ended up having to hand-install Sun's Java [can't use the RPM version!] and Azureus from Sourceforge to get a fully operational Azureus. Nice to see Amule - its "cousin" for the eDonkey network - available for Fedora at long last though.

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