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Google Phil Sim, a professional with technology editor journalist background, has written three interesting blog posts recently, discussing the much-rumored Google OS (1, 2, 3). He speculates that all user's data will be stored online on Google's servers and so one's desktop and files can be retrieved exactly as left by any other PC station, anywhere in the world, by simply using his Gmail credentials. It's like having your OS on a usb key with you at all times, only, without the usb key...
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by moleskine on Mon 27th Mar 2006 22:47 UTC
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It's hard to see the merits of this any time soon, if ever, outside of special environments (corporate, dumb terminals, etc.) What would Joe and Jill get out of this when they can get MS Vista preloaded on their new PC? They would take a massive hit on the variety of software they could use - no games for junior, for a start - and they would hardly ever need to sit down at some Google OS terminal somewhere else.

It is possible to see this offered as an add-on service to things like subscriptions to a Google streaming video/film club, Ebay/listings rival, online dating site or whatever all of which are more natural Google territory one would think given their advertising-driven business.

To add to the complications, Google have vehemently denied that they are developing an OS or that they want to get into MS Office apps, but who knows.

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