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Zeta IsComputerOn (back from some downtime) has previewed the latest ZETA 1.2, still in beta testing, soon to be available to the general public. "Well, this is not the final 1.2 version, but so far my experience with this beta (and the previous ones) has been very pleasant. Stability issues have been (mostly) solved, speed has increased and the overall look has improved as well (the new buttons, tabs, the default decor has been improved too), making this a good experience throughout the beta testing." Many screenshots included, boys and girls. Expect a review of a 1.2 beta on OSNews too, soon.
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Multi User?
by vitae on Tue 28th Mar 2006 00:38 UTC
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The only thing I don't quite understand is that awhile back they were showing screnshots of 1.5, but this next release is going to be 1.2. Does that mean no multi-user this time around?

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