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Microsoft Microsoft employees are arguing among themselves over who is to blame for the delay in the launch of Windows Vista. One disgruntled insider named Who da'Punk voiced his feelings in a blog posting under the heading 'Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now!'.
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Why? One could argue that the stockholders should be privy to such things rather than perhaps not getting the truth from the higher ups or Microsoft's PR department. God forbid, corporate execs should be embarrassed. It would seem to be light punishment for perhaps a subpar performance whereas a worker lower down the rung after a subpar performance might be out of a job. No, people not speaking out when things are wrong (granted they may or may not be wrong in this situation) would be the corporate equivalent to hollering "National Security" everytime there's something embarrasing to cover up. Even more undignified would be believing or knowing something is wrong and standing by idly while it happens. A shake up inside Microsoft wouldn't be the end of the world.

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