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Google Phil Sim, a professional with technology editor journalist background, has written three interesting blog posts recently, discussing the much-rumored Google OS (1, 2, 3). He speculates that all user's data will be stored online on Google's servers and so one's desktop and files can be retrieved exactly as left by any other PC station, anywhere in the world, by simply using his Gmail credentials. It's like having your OS on a usb key with you at all times, only, without the usb key...
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by werfu on Tue 28th Mar 2006 15:39 UTC
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Actualy if I remember well, Google has been buying optical fiber connexion all over the world since several years and they have been pushing for free wireless access hard too, so bandwith isn't a problem with Google. They would pass optical fiber to each home in the US if they could do money with it (which I think it's not realy far away from now).

I personnaly don't think that the world is ready for a complete online OS (remember Jonny Mnemonic? ;) but the idea of having a Linux distribution with the /home being mounted over NFS or some kind of DFS to Google servers isn't that sicked. The only thing is they won't get the market penetration for it now. So, they need a way someone can use this "OS" even on Windows or Mac, so this is obviously not a Linux thingy. I guess it'll be much more of an XUL app, having a GUI system rendering SVG on the fly. You know streaming vectors is much more lighter on the bandwith than binary data. It can also be compressed a lot more.

Nop, I can realy say that this will not be a linux thingy, else they would have simply bought a Linux distro or they would have gave money to Ubuntu.

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