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Microsoft Microsoft employees are arguing among themselves over who is to blame for the delay in the launch of Windows Vista. One disgruntled insider named Who da'Punk voiced his feelings in a blog posting under the heading 'Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now!'.
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Now, if you don't care about the health of your company fine, say what you want. But if that's the case, perhaps it is more honorable to go find work somewhere you do care about.

If I am not mistaken, I think Who da'punk is in fact worried about the health of his company. He is giving suggestions as to the way to make it healthy. He isn't simply chanting 'DEATH TO MS, DEATH TO MS, LOOK AT HOW MUCH MS SUCKS! DEATH TO MS!' He's trying to expose mismanagement in a safe manner to make MS healthy. Maybe if shareholders react then the mismanagement will be fixed?

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