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Amiga & AROS WinArosLight is a preinstalled AROS on a HD image, that runs under Windows using QEmu. WinAros Light targets developers, using AmiDevCpp to develop AROS programs. WinArosLight in combination with a program like ultraiso is a nice test environment for those programs. WinArosLight uses the latest AROS snapshot. Other than all that, it's just a really easy way of testing AROS. Download it from this page, 'WinArosLight.exe'.
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hd image
by philicorda on Tue 28th Mar 2006 22:57 UTC
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It image works in Linux too under qemu, if anyones interested.

Use wine or 7zip to run the exe and extract it's contents, enter the directory and run:

qemu -L ./bios -m 48 -boot d -cdrom aros.iso -hda harddisk.img

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