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Internet Explorer BusinessWeek is reporting that Microsoft's next release of Internet Explorer, version 7, will not be integrated into Windows. Breaking nearly ten years of tradition, Internet Explorer was always very tightly integrated into Windows, allowing users to do such things as launch a website directly from any Windows Explorer window, or save a live web page as the desktop wallpaper.
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RE: IE no integrated
by edwdig on Tue 28th Mar 2006 23:19 UTC in reply to "IE no integrated"
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So many people have completely misunderstood how IE worked with the OS. IE was NEVER part of the kernel. It has always been a separate application.

OS != kernel.

IE has always run as its own process in userspace. That's not the issue either.

IE the browser is a relatively small exe file that doesn't do all that much. All it does is load the individual components that provide the functionality and provide the interface to connect them.

The problem is with the IE components. They aren't all tossed in MSHTML.DLL or other similar DLL's. The functionality is spread somewhat randomly amongst files such as COMDLG.DLL (Common Dialogs) and other core Windows DLL's that have existed forever.

Microsoft's arguments in the antitrust case came down to saying "There's IE code in COMDLG.DLL, so we can't remove IE from the system or almost every program will stop working."

In the end, the issue comes down to where do you draw the line between IE code and OS code, and how much of it can be feasibly removed.

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