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Gnome "Here are my few suggestions to make better desktop (making it simple but powerful). Most of them are for GNOME and related applications but for other desktop environments and applications could be also useful. This suggestions are not of type make it faster (what is also important) but of type make it more useful. Some of them are my own thoughts but some suggestions are inspired by existing programs. And even some are not real suggestions." Note that English isn't his native tongue.
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by porcel on Wed 29th Mar 2006 00:27 UTC
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Some good suggestions. I particularly like the idea of having many applications share the same data backend so that there is no need to import or export data.

In fact, if nothing else, this would give the free desktop a very competitive edge over everything else out there by showing that we compete on features and cooperate in not keeping user data hostage.

What's interesting as well is how many of the 40 suggested improvements are already implemented and shipping in KDE.

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