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Gnome "Here are my few suggestions to make better desktop (making it simple but powerful). Most of them are for GNOME and related applications but for other desktop environments and applications could be also useful. This suggestions are not of type make it faster (what is also important) but of type make it more useful. Some of them are my own thoughts but some suggestions are inspired by existing programs. And even some are not real suggestions." Note that English isn't his native tongue.
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Windows based
by fp2099 on Wed 29th Mar 2006 04:03 UTC
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Most of the sujections are windoes based... i really don't matter because if i don't like gnome i will simple change to xfce or flux.. but why? why do you want and i paste "Shortcut [Alt]+[F4] on desktop should invoke shutdown/logout dialog." ?!? why don't making it even better? make it appear when you press the shutdown button ;) "

Exporting downloaded packages from upgrade", what about a shared folder for the distfiles that would solve the main problem although package list could be more problematic.

"Continue stopped/broken downloads", doesn't firefox have a resume function?

"Treat archives like regular folders", I really hate that in windows and I would really hate that in gnome. What for? I like archives the way they are.

"Search also in archives" i may be wrong but if you do search eithin file it will look for it.

"Multimedia center" try freevo or mythtv.. mplayer is a multimedia center IMHO

Beside that i agree with the rest but i would had "iconify to systray" within the window manager, don't know why but it seems to be a pretty good idea for me but who am i, i'm the only guy that liked gaim 2.0 beta 1

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