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Gnome "Here are my few suggestions to make better desktop (making it simple but powerful). Most of them are for GNOME and related applications but for other desktop environments and applications could be also useful. This suggestions are not of type make it faster (what is also important) but of type make it more useful. Some of them are my own thoughts but some suggestions are inspired by existing programs. And even some are not real suggestions." Note that English isn't his native tongue.
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One thing that has been mentioned on the KDE side (for KDE 4.0 ideas) is the concept of a centralized notification system. The idea is all apps instead of generating their own pop-ups would send the notification event to the notification system (knotify) and it would deal with the noficaitions as the user wants.

So in theory, I could configure how different notifications should be handled (ie simply recorded, discarded, have a sound play, execute an application, pop-up a box, etc..). As a result, notifications I find important will be made known to me without necessarily having to manually configure each app (and thus be limited to the individual apps notification options).

I am not sure if this idea is being utilized in KDE 4 development but I think it is a nice way to address the issue.

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