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OpenBSD "Even if you don't use OpenBSD, you're likely to be benefiting from it unknowingly. If you're using Solaris, SCO UnixWare, OS X, SUSE Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, chances are you're using the OpenBSD-developed OpenSSH for secure shell access to remote machines. If so many are using this software, why are so few paying for it? Official responses (and non-responses) from Sun Microsystems, IBM, Novell, and Red Hat are below, but if you're one of the freeloaders who hasn't contributed to OpenBSD or OpenSSH, what's your excuse?"
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by grat on Wed 29th Mar 2006 12:57 UTC
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People would like this to be about the BSD vs. the GPL license, but it's very simple:

Do you, or your company, benefit from an open source project?

Are you contributing back to that project?

And in spite of what you think, bug reports don't constitute "contributing back"-- They're very useful, but closed source projects typically get those for free as well.

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