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Zeta PowerDreams did an interview with Bernd Korz, CEO of YellowTAB. The original German version has been translated to English (by an Italian website). Interesting bits: "The LiveCD caught on unbelievably well and worldwide. We have more than 1 million CDs out in the market, thanks to many magazines." And, something that always interests me: "The response and level of publicity is surprisingly good and we have open doors everywhere at hardware manufacturers." That hardware part is crucial for the alternative OS market.
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About the interview
by Ford Prefect on Wed 29th Mar 2006 14:44 UTC
Ford Prefect
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I'm german and read the german version. If it would have been cutted down, the editor would have to loose the quotation style. It seems this is really what Bernd said, and he didn't say much more, at least to some of the questions.

I have the feeling this is kind of a email interview and it was answered in a rush.

However you think about that fact, I think the answers are interesting, as they seem to be just honest. Bernd seemed not to think much about how to answer to his best. See, if this was a typical marketing type of interview, he wouldn't say "we got rid of much garbage" and things alike (I translated myself). Think about Microsoft would say that about their new Windows ;-)

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