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OpenBSD "Even if you don't use OpenBSD, you're likely to be benefiting from it unknowingly. If you're using Solaris, SCO UnixWare, OS X, SUSE Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, chances are you're using the OpenBSD-developed OpenSSH for secure shell access to remote machines. If so many are using this software, why are so few paying for it? Official responses (and non-responses) from Sun Microsystems, IBM, Novell, and Red Hat are below, but if you're one of the freeloaders who hasn't contributed to OpenBSD or OpenSSH, what's your excuse?"
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by tony on Wed 29th Mar 2006 19:18 UTC
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I went poking around OpenBSD's site, and I found a fundamental difference between OpenBSD and the other BSDs, in that I couldn't find any reference to an OpenBSD formal organization/foundation/corporation.

FreeBSD and NetBSD both have non-profit foundations which cover financing. They have boards of directors, and all of the transparency that comes with responabile non-profit boards. OpenBSD could really use this, I think. Either incorporated as a non profit in the US or Canada (I'm unfamiliar with Canadian non-profit statutes). Currently, donation cheques are written out to "Theo". While I don't think anybody thinks that he's taking the checks and converting them into payments on a Hummer, the lack of a little bit of formality and formalized fund raising process (and I'm not talking about a process that requires cover sheets for your TPS reports) may be a hinderance.

I just found a thread where it was discussed, and it looks like it went nowhere. I wonder what it would take to get it going.

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