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Mac OS X Two interesting articles on OS X today. This one summarizes some of the less-obvious new features of Apple's Tiger. The other one theorizes that Apple's shift to Intel is an incentive for Windows developers to port their software due to the lack of the endian problem.
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GNUStep is an open source implementation of OpenStep, though they do provide compatability for changes Apple makes. Cocoa consists of components with no GNUStep implementation, forms built with Apple tools need to be converted, and interoperability for distributed objects is a potential problem.

C# is just a programming language. Between Rotor, Portable.NET, and Mono, C# code can be compiled and executed on several platforms. .NET as a whole on the other hand is a different story in terms of maturity and robustness.

I really wouldn't consider either platform seriously if I wanted to develop usable cross-platform software that end-users would find pleasant.

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