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RE[3]: Device support
by Kancept on Thu 30th Mar 2006 03:59 UTC
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Um, I use OS/2, eComStation, BeOS R5, ZETA, and a few distros of linux on occassion. I am quite happy without 3D special way neato cool effects on my desktop. They perform spectacularly well. I see no "need" for this 3D compositing you speak of. In fact, with the latest distros of linux (I'm guessing it's stuff), they have broken the accelleration and overlay my card once enjoyed, making my TV card useless. I use for the most part Matrox G400s in my equipment and they work fine.

Why would I need to offload alpha blending of the desktop to my GPU? Is there a need to put some weird background in a terminal, then make it semi-transparent to see the desktop, which has no useful info behind it for anything other than a screenshot and a "my desktop can do this"?

Really, bouncing icons are annoying, and they need no 3D acceleration to do it. Win 3.1 had bouncing icons with some things. And trust me, they had no GeForce FX 50billion cards back then.

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