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Zeta Today, we have something special on OSNews, something that's actually a first-timer on OSNews. Already common on other websites, we today hand the microphone to you, so you can ask questions to someone from the tech industry. Read on for the details!
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by franxico on Thu 30th Mar 2006 09:39 UTC
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Will be a roadmap published? Most questions here would be answered through it easily. I know that most companies don't do that, but it would be nice ;)

We haven't heard anything about Java from ages. Firstly, there were BeUnited and yT ports. BU one is almost finished i guess, and what about yT port?

Like you said, in Zeta 1.2 the OS got more attention, which i loved, but something annoys me: we still have to pay for an outdated Flash Player. Any plans regarding it?

Many thanks for your work!
Thanks for your work! Keep going ;)

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