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Zeta Today, we have something special on OSNews, something that's actually a first-timer on OSNews. Already common on other websites, we today hand the microphone to you, so you can ask questions to someone from the tech industry. Read on for the details!
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A few posers
by Beta on Thu 30th Mar 2006 12:23 UTC
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1, Has yellowTab been in talks with Opera about bringing their browser back to this platform ?
The users would love it to return.

2, is yellowTab working on Bluetooth support at the moment, or do they have any plans in the near future to?

3, with all the wired/wireless devices that people use now to store data, contact information, and media (etc), if and how are yellowTab going to bring that to the Zeta system, would a "sync kit" be an advantage to the platform? Being able to keep my phone + zaurus organised together via People files would be lovely.

4, is there a chance for a more open relationship with Haiku, so that if you're working on a project that might benefit them, they could avoid duplicating effort?

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