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Windows The European Commission said on Wednesday it told Microsoft that it had competition worries about the firm's new operating system, Vista, another antitrust concern that the software giant must answer in Europe. "We are concerned about the possibility that the next Vista operating system will include various elements which are currently available separately from Microsoft or other companies," Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd said. More here. My take: Enough already. Seriously.
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RE: microsoft
by Arawn on Thu 30th Mar 2006 15:40 UTC in reply to "microsoft"
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There lies the main problem.

Personally, I don't care if Microsoft bundles all the software they wish with Windows, as long I'm given the option to install it or not!

That has been the main problem all this time. Microsoft insisted that IE wasn't separable from the OS, and we all got to know it was a lie, and a deliberate one at that.

So, it's simple. Give us the choice to install or not.

Now, some companies can argue that their products won't be bundled with MS Windows because of MS contractual tatics. I think that's a completely different problem. And it might have a different solution.

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