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Windows Since we haven't posted anything about the new Windows Vista beta release lately... Stardock's Brad Wardell writes "I've put together a first look at the first beta of Windows Vista. In the coming days I hope to delve deep into the guts of Microsoft's new OS but I've tried to put together a decent overview of what Windows Vista is all about."
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measure of progress
by butters on Fri 29th Jul 2005 20:01 UTC
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Yes, this is a beta, as many posters insist on pointing out. But on this site we talk about many other beta software releases, and these are the standards we hold them to:

1) They are (at least) a feature-complete showcase of the upcoming release, if not completely stable or reliable.

2) They represent a level of incremental improvement appropriate for the length of the development cycle.

This release has neither. I wonder where all the money and man-hours go, since this appears to be no more than 18 months worth of improvement from XP (if that). It has been almost 4 years since XP, and it seems like Microsoft is stuck in the mud with an OS that would have been impressive in 2003.

It is refreshing, though, that MS has finally figured out what this OS is going to be. No Hailstorm subscription services, no core commitment to the .NET framework, no "sidebar," no next-gen filesystem. Just reduced user privileges, some metadata searching, transparent titlebars, and some closed development APIs that might see some adoption by 2008.

This is the definition of too little, too late. This is also a tragedy for businesses and consumers everywhere who have investing heavily in MS technology. If Apple and the OSS community thought it was easy to compete (technologically) with Windows XP, it's going to be even easier to compete with Windows Vista. Everyone who's bound to MS by their investments will see everyone else pass them by.

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