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Microsoft "This time it's patents that will ensure the downfall of GNU/Linux and with it, the entire world of open source. But before hanging up your certified geek propeller-hat and retraining as a dental hygienist, you might want to consider the following brief history of Microsoft's use of fear, uncertainty, and doubt as a weapon against GNU/Linux." Hopelessly pro-everything-that-is-Linux, but an interesting overview of Microsoft's approach to Linux over the years nonetheless. Elsewhere, the Guardian looks at the challanges Microsoft is currently facing.
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New work for the IT jargon
by eantoranz on Thu 30th Mar 2006 17:56 UTC
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I have a new word to add to the IT "slang". Just like "tuttle" means to threaten to call the FBI in case something is wrong with your computer (say you have windows installed or something like that), I want to propose a new word.

Just like vaporware is software that hasn't even been designed but it's already in the news....

Vistaware: Software that has already been delayed after having delayed and delayed.... and did I say it was delayed? What's this? 3-year delay by now? There you have it: Vistaware. What do you think? :-D

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