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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Nexenta team has released alpha 4. This is a bug fix release. Nexenta OS alpha 4 is based on Open Solaris build 36, utilizes Debian's apt-get package system, and has GNOME 2.12 as its default desktop. Both a live CD as well as an install CD are available. Visit the getting started page, check out the changelog, and download.
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FreeBSD to Solaris?
by dindin on Thu 30th Mar 2006 18:43 UTC
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I recently installed Ubuntu but I find the BSD base far more easier to relate to (personal taste I guess). Are there any FBSD users who have used Nexenta? How do you compare the base kernel? I guess the numbers of apps. is small but given the dpkg system, should be easy to build packages.

I have been a FreeBSD user for some time now - more than 5 years. I am looking to move to another system for my Desktop usage. I am fedup with FBSD on the desktop - mostly with applications and binary software updates. I no longer have time to compile source code. Don't get me started on portupdate and binary only option. I have reinstalled my system far too many times because broken ports and hence broken system. If only they would port debian apt system to FBSD. I continue to use FBSD on my servers though.

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