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FreeBSD FreeBSD's Security officer Colin Percival seeks sponsorship. This has happened before with other FreeBSD contributors. "I'm hoping to raise $15000 Canadian (about US$13000) to pay me to work full-time on FreeBSD for 16 weeks over the summer. This will allow me to devote more time to my role as FreeBSD Security Officer, perform a complete overhaul of FreeBSD Update, and make some significant improvements to Portsnap."
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It hasn't been two days yet -- it has been slightly less than seven hours. The dates are slightly misleading in that I sent out my email at 20:20 UTC on the 30th.

My bad. I saw the 30th and the 31st on the list and it didn't even occur to me that it's still the 30th in my time zone :p

So, 7 hours, ~$1400... You should be done in less than 4 days ;)

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