Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 29th Jul 2005 19:28 UTC
Opera Software Opera Software today released the second upgrade to Opera 8. The new version, Opera 8.02, is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and includes security upgrades and smaller bug fixes. Download & changelog.
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Opera 8
by Varg Vikernes on Fri 29th Jul 2005 20:53 UTC
Varg Vikernes
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Very fast and sleek browser bloated with gazillion fetures but they still don't want to make tab handling the Firefox/IE 7 style. I have tried Opera several times and I really like it. I could live with some of the quirks Opera makes (8.02 still fucks up fonts on Wikipedia) if they'd just add the stupid tab handling that everyone has been asking for, like forever.

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