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Novell and Ximian The lastest stable version of Novell's Evolution is now also available for Mac OS X users. "I am pleased to announce the release of Evolution-2.6 Binary release for Mac OS X. The release works on versions 10.3 and 10.4 of the Mac OS. This release also contains the exchange plugin which was not ported during the 2.4 cycle. This release is feature compatible with the GNOME-2.14 release." Downloads.
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ok.... a waste of my time...
by tryphcycle on Fri 31st Mar 2006 17:25 UTC
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id love to try it out, but i am in no mood to put X back in my G5... a Native verson of evolution is SO needed... don;t get me wrong. having the option to run X and all the OSS apps with in OSX is really cool. but for the OSX world at large to take any app seriously... it has got to be native! other wise... its just for geeks! and not everyone is geek... nor do they want to be!

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