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Novell and Ximian The lastest stable version of Novell's Evolution is now also available for Mac OS X users. "I am pleased to announce the release of Evolution-2.6 Binary release for Mac OS X. The release works on versions 10.3 and 10.4 of the Mac OS. This release also contains the exchange plugin which was not ported during the 2.4 cycle. This release is feature compatible with the GNOME-2.14 release." Downloads.
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Actually, it works
by paperfrog on Fri 31st Mar 2006 19:22 UTC
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Geez, guys: why look a gift horse in the mouth? Judging from the angry comments, you'd think some of you actually paid for this program.

There's not much chance I'll use a non-native application when Cocoa programs are available, but I like Evolution on my Linux boxes, and decided to see how well it would install on OS X.

It's a big file, as some have pointed out. But it's not as if we don't have broadband.

I unarchived the bzip and tar, and clicked the installer package. Things went smoothly.

First launch took a while. I'd never used X11, though I installed it with Tiger. There was a script prompt to launch Evolution. I clicked it, and up came the familiar configuration screen. Evolution was pulling mail a few moments later.

Once it's running, Evolution is much faster on this dual G5 than on my modest x86 workstation. MUCH faster. But I've got plenty of RAM. That's a good thing, because something is sure as hell chewing it up. I was using about 800 MB before launching Evolution. The process monitor says about a gig and a half are in use now, though X11 is only using 12 MB and Evolution about 27 MB. Apple Mail is coasting along at 16.

On subsequent launches -- even after closing X11 -- Evolution opens in a couple of seconds, though not quite as quickly as Apple Mail.

I've sent a few messages, and all is well. I did have some trouble importing an iCal file, but haven't looked to see why. Overall, the application is surprisingly snappy.

Wonder where all the RAM is going?

A native port of Evolution on OS X and Windows would be an attractive alternative to Outlook, I think.

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