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Features, Office "Microsoft has lost a head-to-head competition with OpenDocument Format supporting software, with the decision of the Bristol, England City Council to convert its 5500 desktops from Office to Sun's ODF compliant StarOffice office suite. The City, after extensive study, concluded that it would save 60% of total costs of ownership over a five year period by making the switch. And, as an assist to cities, it has made the documentation of its analysis and other materials available at the Open Source Academy Website in the UK."
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Why a story?
by naelurec on Fri 31st Mar 2006 20:31 UTC
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They had no previous organizational commitment to any particular software suite. So when they realized that converting/reformatting documents was a PITA they wanted to standardize. StarOffice was by far cheaper (due to special public sector pricing) and did the functions they needed (which honestly doesn't sound like they had really high requirements given the use of different/older versions of software previously) so they went with StarOffice. To top it off, they posted their rationale in order to cover their ass.

Yippie. About the only story is StarOffice/ is suitable for a lot of productivity suite tasks. But should that surprise anyone? Hundreds of thousands of desktops have been migrated over to already -- why is these 5,500 desktops a story? Wake me up when people choose OOo/SO when it truly is the only choice for them (open standards requirement, cross platform requirement, etc) and the choice is not due to cost.

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