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Linux Every year most Linux hackers attend a conference where they talk about all those topics only kernel hackers talk about. Papers of all the talks are now available, with a wide range of topics: NTPL, XEN, page cache performance, I/O scheduling, future ext3 development, VM, and more. Also, as every year, LWN's excellent kernel summit coverage is now freely available.
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by butters on Fri 29th Jul 2005 21:32 UTC
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Since this post is hard to have a flame war about, I will start things off with a question:

Form reading the coverage of the Linux Kernel summit, it seems that kernel development is increasingly being pushed around by 3rd party hardware and software vendors. Although the outside interests would like to have it their way, the kernel developers remain grounded in their commitment to the community model. Do you think that the Linux kernel developers should continue encouraging 3rd parties to play by the community's rules (and risk slowing or stalling Linux adoption), or should they allow 3rd parties to retain control over mainline kernel modules specific to their products? To what extent?

I recommend reading for some background.

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