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Features, Office "Microsoft has lost a head-to-head competition with OpenDocument Format supporting software, with the decision of the Bristol, England City Council to convert its 5500 desktops from Office to Sun's ODF compliant StarOffice office suite. The City, after extensive study, concluded that it would save 60% of total costs of ownership over a five year period by making the switch. And, as an assist to cities, it has made the documentation of its analysis and other materials available at the Open Source Academy Website in the UK."
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RE[4]: Good for Sun
by shotsman on Sat 1st Apr 2006 06:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Good for Sun"
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Your proposed move to ODF from MS by the UK Government would NEVER NEVER Happen.
The reason is that our esteemed leader (aka The Right Honorable Mr Tony Blair, Prime Minister) is far to pally with Sir (Honorary) William Gates.
I expect that there will be moves against Bristol. This government wants to control everything that anyone does in this country. For a Council the size of Bristol to get away with breaking away from MS is very off message(and that is bad) and will probably be snubbed out very soon. After all, the new financial year for Bristol starts this week!

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