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Features, Office "Microsoft has lost a head-to-head competition with OpenDocument Format supporting software, with the decision of the Bristol, England City Council to convert its 5500 desktops from Office to Sun's ODF compliant StarOffice office suite. The City, after extensive study, concluded that it would save 60% of total costs of ownership over a five year period by making the switch. And, as an assist to cities, it has made the documentation of its analysis and other materials available at the Open Source Academy Website in the UK."
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PDF is good for publishing documents, yes. However, for collaboration on a document, dynamic documents (ie spreadsheets where people can type in their own values), etc.. PDF is not suitable. Though honestly, while PDF is good for a read-only version of a document, the capability of download an ODF doc so I can annotate it, update it, etc might be helpful. There have been quite a few times when I only have a PDF available and would like to append additional information -- while most PDF readers will allow me to select and paste text, reconstructing the PDF as an ODF is a pain (though perhaps eveutally PDF impot might be an option?)

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