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Linux As Novell re-introduces its Linux desktop, more open source advocates are beginning to believe that the call for widespread Linux desktop adoption is leaving the realm of zealotry and entering the mainstream. Whether this will be a watershed moment for the Linux desktop remains to be seen but, already, advocates for the open source OS are clamoring to explain why now - not in times past - the moment is right for enterprise-level corporations to begin migrating to Linux.
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RE[4]: A problem of mindset
by lopisaur on Sat 1st Apr 2006 17:27 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: A problem of mindset"
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Well, actually Windows first became dominant in the corporate realm, home users started using Windows because it was what they had to use at work and already knew the Windows UI. If (and that's a big if) Novell manages to get enough corporate migration, the end-users will come. They probably will use Ubuntu instead of SuSe, though.

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