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Fedora Core "Over all, Fedora Core 5 seems to be alot more of a solid distribution than the last time I ran it (FC3), they finally got rid of that nasty up2date that seemed to hang at the worst possibly opportunities - when you're 98% of the way there. The applications also seemed to be tested alot more than previous releases, and the speed as improved substantially, especially with GTK; whether its due to the compile, cairo or some other mystical voodoo I don't understand, what ever the case, the improvement is great. Over all, this is probably the best distribution I've tried; if you're looking for an easy to use, no fuss UNIX-like desktop, look no further than Fedora Core 5."
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no offline package management!
by Noremacam on Sat 1st Apr 2006 18:02 UTC
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I've been a fan of fedora through my college days, using fedora core 3 for my choice linux in the school virtual machines.

However, after a horrible weekend of hair pulling, Fedora Core 5 has one massively important feature missing. I downloaded all 5 cd's, and only needed two of them to install. After the installation, I had no program whatsoever to search the other cd's for important packages. The add/remove programs software, when started, complains about no internet connection, and promptly closes.

I have no idea if fedora core 5 includes ndiswrapper in it's distribution! The distibution was also supposed to include the alpha broadcom 43xx drivers, but because I have no way of browsing the packages on the cd(except manually through nautilus), I couldn't find them. I put in each cd one at a time and browsed for "bcmw43xx" and broadcom, and they were non existant. Just how am I supposed to manage my packages without an internet connection?

I only have wireless internet, and if I can't get wireless up, the whole distribution - no matter how good it may be - is useless.

Using sneakernet, I got copies of ndiswrapper, which wouldn't compile. It complained about not having a compiler; well, lemme install that from the cd; oh wait, which cd/cds is it on?

I'm sticking with ubuntu, merely because I can get my wireless up and running.

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