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Fedora Core "Over all, Fedora Core 5 seems to be alot more of a solid distribution than the last time I ran it (FC3), they finally got rid of that nasty up2date that seemed to hang at the worst possibly opportunities - when you're 98% of the way there. The applications also seemed to be tested alot more than previous releases, and the speed as improved substantially, especially with GTK; whether its due to the compile, cairo or some other mystical voodoo I don't understand, what ever the case, the improvement is great. Over all, this is probably the best distribution I've tried; if you're looking for an easy to use, no fuss UNIX-like desktop, look no further than Fedora Core 5."
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RE: no offline package management!
by rklrkl on Sat 1st Apr 2006 19:01 UTC in reply to "no offline package management!"
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One tip - do what I do and only use the DVD release. DVD burners are under 30 pounds here in the UK and *rewritable* DVD media is now 50p a disc. There's really no excuse for not having a DVD writer nowadays if you're prepared to install an "alternative" (read: superior) OS on a PC really. Oh, and use the official torrent rather than an FTP/HTTP download, because a) it'll speed up the torrent overall and b) you won't run into the >2GB problems you can get trying to save a DVD ISO image.

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