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OSNews, Generic OSes Folks, as the webmaster of OSNews, I'm sorry to report that the OSNews server was hacked early this morning by a l33t haxx0r known only as "osV_rul3z." Although our database server does not appear to have been comprimised, all of the advertising code was deleted and our code was slightly modified to make everyone a premium level subscriber. Rest assured, we are working on the problem and hope to have OSNews restored to its original state as quickly as possible. UPDATE: As everyone suspected, April Fools!
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RE: I hate April Fool's Day
by lopisaur on Sat 1st Apr 2006 21:45 UTC in reply to "I hate April Fool's Day"
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Heh, thanks for reminding me it's April 1st, I was believing Ars' Duke Nukem review too.

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