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GNU, GPL, Open Source Registration has begun for those wanting to attend the first Open Source Desktop Workshop to be held on October 13th and 14th in San Diego, California! Open Source Desktop Workshops are affordable educational events that bring top-flight Open Source desktop developers together with those who are looking to gain the skills necessary to join them. With presenters from around North America speaking on a variety of practical topics this will be an exciting and worthwhile event.
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> This is just another example of KDE developers throwing
> a tantrum.

actually, i started organizing this on May 5, 2005. the Ottawa show was held in mid-July.

now, Chouimat wasn't happy about the Ottawa show. big deal. Waldo Bastian, who is 100x the KDE developer Chouimat is, was. as were others who managed to attend, such as the KDevelop people.

myself, i wasn't able to attend. that's unfortunate, because i would've loved to but my schedule didn't permit it this time around. personally, i don't really have an opinion on that event, mostly because i wasn't there and i realize that it's neither the first nor the last such event of its ilk.

furthermore, OSDW has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT set of goals to the Ottawa conference. OSDW is aimed at helping educate developers new to open source, the Ottawa conference is a place for us seasoned developers who are in the middle of things to congregate. if you look at the schedules of both this will be obvious to you.

so how OSDW could ever be a reaction to the Ottawa event is beyond me: it was started before it happened, and it has a different focus. oh, and the person who has been steering the process says it has nothing to do with it ;)

so, as the person orgnaizing this whole thing, i can firmly, factually and resoundingly say: you sir, are full of crap.

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