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OSNews, Generic OSes Folks, as the webmaster of OSNews, I'm sorry to report that the OSNews server was hacked early this morning by a l33t haxx0r known only as "osV_rul3z." Although our database server does not appear to have been comprimised, all of the advertising code was deleted and our code was slightly modified to make everyone a premium level subscriber. Rest assured, we are working on the problem and hope to have OSNews restored to its original state as quickly as possible. UPDATE: As everyone suspected, April Fools!
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So, you are telling me that they have a way to increase readesrhip and make everyone's experience nicer and that they have explicitly and consciously chosen to degrade everyone's enjoyment of the site to force people to "upgrade" to the layout that doesn't suck?

Where did these people go to business school? You never introduce a feature and then take it back and you never make your user's life miserable.

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