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RE[4]: nice
by yorch on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 15:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: nice"
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This is not about being picky or not, it's about common sense.

Yes I have given some thoughts about that feature and can't find any reason to have the Network Manager asking the user password each time I logon on. Another "great" idea would be to have a "OOo Manager" that asks user passowrd each time he/she wants to open a text document... or a "Terminal Manager" that asks user password each time he/she opens a terminal...

I did not submitted a bug becasue this is not a bug, it is just part of Network Manager in Gnome. In other words, it's there by design.

Of course I have the option of stop using Gnome but I LIKE Gnome and this annoying security feature is out of the simplicity scope Gnome is looking for.

I think Ubuntu is a great distro, really; but zealotry about Ubuntu remembers me the time of Red Hat 5/6/7, where any criticism about the distro is seen as anti-Linux/OSS propaganda.

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