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GNU, GPL, Open Source Registration has begun for those wanting to attend the first Open Source Desktop Workshop to be held on October 13th and 14th in San Diego, California! Open Source Desktop Workshops are affordable educational events that bring top-flight Open Source desktop developers together with those who are looking to gain the skills necessary to join them. With presenters from around North America speaking on a variety of practical topics this will be an exciting and worthwhile event.
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RE: Linspire Market Fest
by aseigo on Fri 29th Jul 2005 22:44 UTC in reply to "Linspire Market Fest"
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> Yet another Linspire marketing event

no, Linspire is simply one of the sponsors. they also happen to be the ones who stepped up to help with things like the online registration and eCommerce side of things.

however, the speaker list, schedule, name, website and more have been the efforts of primarily myself with the help of a few others.

as for the facilities, Linspire's building was just convenient this time around. future events will be elsewhere in N. America.

i do love how so many people here keep looking for conspiracy. why? because it's a KDE thing? sad. sad. sad.

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