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Java The community effort hosted by the Apache Software Foundation to create an open source, J2SE 5.0 compatible Java runtime/virtual machine is progressing slowly but steadily. Despite some indifference and prejudice by some OSS pundits, the project has been recently moving along nicely with key players like Intel and IBM contributing their own programmers and source code to the effort.
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by gregorlowski on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 20:13 UTC
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If IBM wants to contribute something, why don't they open source their jvm? Providing some tools to help an apache-licensed project make progress is in their interests -- maybe they can learn something from the progress that harmony makes and then use it in their non-FOSS tools. Look at IBM's HTTPServer -- it's basically apache with a couple added modules, but they don't distribute source (or at least I couldn't get it last time I tried!)

I really don't understand Harmony. Is it just for ego reasons that they don't just contribute to projects like gnu classpath, kaffe, jamvm, and cacao? Is it some license-ego thing on the part of the contributors (We won't do GPL?). Or is apache harmony just a marionette that is controlled by business interests that don't want to see a GPL java succeed?

I've been really happy with gcj, classpath, and using either jamvm, cacao or kaffe in GNU/Linux. I wish the swing compatibility was better, but if I really wanted to do GUI work in java then I'd be happy with SWT/JFace or java-gnome.

In any case, I'll stick with the above tools for my java needs in GNU/Linux for the near future and choose other languages with more FOSS tools when I have an option.

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