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Java The community effort hosted by the Apache Software Foundation to create an open source, J2SE 5.0 compatible Java runtime/virtual machine is progressing slowly but steadily. Despite some indifference and prejudice by some OSS pundits, the project has been recently moving along nicely with key players like Intel and IBM contributing their own programmers and source code to the effort.
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RE: disappointing
by lord_rob on Sun 2nd Apr 2006 21:45 UTC in reply to "disappointing"
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If IBM wants to contribute something, why don't they open source their jvm?

It has been discussed a lot on harmony-dev mailing list. If I remember correctly, they cannot open theit jvm because it contains a lot of sun code.

Anyway, recently SableVM [ ] has been relicensed to Apache Software License [ASLv2] and will now be part of harmony.

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