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Java The community effort hosted by the Apache Software Foundation to create an open source, J2SE 5.0 compatible Java runtime/virtual machine is progressing slowly but steadily. Despite some indifference and prejudice by some OSS pundits, the project has been recently moving along nicely with key players like Intel and IBM contributing their own programmers and source code to the effort.
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by kamper on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 01:48 UTC in reply to "PS3"
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PS- Would there technically be any problem with an Apache JVM using GPL ClassPath .class-es? After all, they aren't linking to them, merely reading them, and in the case of JIT, compiling them but not distributing them. I really don't see the problem, but IANAL.

There would be no legal trouble with distributing classpath and harmony together. I'm about a month and a half behind on the dev mailing list reading, but to the best of my knowledge the classlib/vm interface used will be classpath compatible so it should be possible.

However, classpath will not be distributed as part of the project and so the combination will probably never be certifiable Java. They tried hard to come up with a way for Apache to distribute gpl'ed code, but the process was completely stalled when IBM and Intel came along and donated so much code and that was basically the end of it.

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