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Mac OS X In my house today, all of the computers are Macs. This is a long way away from three and a half year ago, when I said that Jaguar could not replace my PC. We're chugging along happily running Tiger, just as productive as before, and enjoying every bit of eye candy. But OS X isn't always cherry pie, it's got its own set of faults, and some can be downright annoying. UPDATED
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RE[2]: Erh...
by Shane on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 15:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Erh..."
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There are only certain apps I want to remain open when I close the last window. On Windows, those apps generally have an option to do so. This is how OS X should do it as well. Or even a system-wide preference for people like you would be fine.

Yup, for those apps, hit cmd-w. Here's your option right there. However, you will note that OS X didn't also take away your ability to quit with cmd-q. Instead of arbitrarily defaulting to either hiding or quitting depending on the application (bad for consistency), you have to *choose* what you want to do. I'd rather choose than have the app as me "Are you sure you want to quit?" or "I have been minimised to the notification area. To quit, right click on my icon and select quit".

I prefer consistency. In OS X, I know that clicking on the "x" will *always* close but not quit the application. In windows, clicking the "x" on the contact list of an IM application will generally hide the application, but not quit it. However, clicking the "x" on a "normal" applicaiton will quit it.

However, the inconsistency doesn't really bother me in Windows. One learns after a while which application insists of going to the notification area and which one will actually quit. I am just pointing out that OS X was in fact more consistent in this regard.

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