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Mac OS X In my house today, all of the computers are Macs. This is a long way away from three and a half year ago, when I said that Jaguar could not replace my PC. We're chugging along happily running Tiger, just as productive as before, and enjoying every bit of eye candy. But OS X isn't always cherry pie, it's got its own set of faults, and some can be downright annoying. UPDATED
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by vogelar on Mon 3rd Apr 2006 17:05 UTC
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Are you running the latest build of Camio, the Universal Binary? If you aren't, I would expect load times to be horrendous since your MacBook would have to load it via Rosetta's emulation layer.

Finder and disc mounting may be different than Windows, but you are running a differnt OS. Things happen differently. It's designed that way, see Apple's HIG. Guidlines, after all, not every application follows them and even Apple has gotten iffy about it.

As for VPNing, I'd recommend checking out Rui Camero's Tao of Mac, he's got a bunch of great resources for that sort of thing.

Over all, I personally feel that the portable experience with 12" Macs is far better than any PC laptop I had, even with the quirks.

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