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Opera Software Opera Software today released the second upgrade to Opera 8. The new version, Opera 8.02, is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and includes security upgrades and smaller bug fixes. Download & changelog.
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RE: Re: Tabs
by Varg Vikernes on Sat 30th Jul 2005 02:07 UTC in reply to "Re: Tabs"
Varg Vikernes
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I agree. Why change a behavior that's been there from the start?

I suspect you are a troll or an idiot. No one said anything about changing the behavior, but about make it OPTIONAL to change it. That's a big difference.

I can probably see adding an option to change the behavior. But again, why?

When almost every week someone appears on Opera forums asking if this can be done what do you do? Tell him to fuck off, or make it an option? Give him that option and you please both camps. I, for one am not using Opera until they make it an option. So there's your answer.

Just to follow some other browsers' behavior?

If that means getting more users... Opera is a commercial product after all.

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