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Mac OS X "[...] This database stuff is clearly the next frontier. If we are ever going to have natural speech interfaces and virtual assistants that collect and display our information in more useful ways, the computer is going to need to know much more about how our files relate to each other and remember what we've done to them and who's done it. Moving all this organization to the system level instead of locking it up in separate applications that are then duplicated in a search index seems like the best way to get there."
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by sig33kde on Tue 4th Apr 2006 03:06 UTC
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Personally I travel alot with my laptop, I am looking fwd to the day which GPS devices will be embedded into laptops for meta tagging information so that I can ask the computer to pull up all the files I worked on in DC or something. Would be quite usefull... and for the love of god, they need partial word matching in spotlight.

And I wonder (now that it seems most all the new intel macs have built in isights) how you could work a project like this:
into the primary os? use your facial expressions and/or actions in front of the computer as ways to tag files. Like show me what I was working on when I was eating breakfast on tuesday? ... I know I am dreaming, but it'll happen someday I am sure.

BTW, I am not holding my breath for real voice recognition until another 5-7 years out.

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