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Mac OS X "[...] This database stuff is clearly the next frontier. If we are ever going to have natural speech interfaces and virtual assistants that collect and display our information in more useful ways, the computer is going to need to know much more about how our files relate to each other and remember what we've done to them and who's done it. Moving all this organization to the system level instead of locking it up in separate applications that are then duplicated in a search index seems like the best way to get there."
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RE: Prediction
by Shane on Tue 4th Apr 2006 05:08 UTC in reply to "Prediction"
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Talking paper clip: "It looks like you are writing a letter!" I think I'll pass. I'd rather have something like this:

A view of all devices known to the system. A column that shows the last date/time the devices were used. Click on the column header to sort the list. Select multiple devices. Click a button to remove all selected devices.

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